For more than a decade we’ve been hosting and organizing events and DJ’ing. We’ve broadened our competencies while hosting kids’ parties, high school and college camps, alternative weddings and corporate events. We are laid-back, attentive to detail and creative.


Life of the party, always open to anything spontaneous. I can’t imagine my life without music, dance and theatre. While still at college, I’ve had a chance to challenge myself as an event manager. I’ve been working in a student organization – Enactus, where I’ve been representing Poland in the World Championships in Malaysia, Mexico and China. For a few years I’ve sunk into the corporate life in Warsaw, where I’ve developed project management skills. Luckily, I came back to Tricity with a meaning to do what I love and cherish the most – hosting and organizing parties. Traveling is my biggest passion. Hitchhiking among Europe or discovering other continents – I love it all!


I teach maths and improvise on the stage! With a group “7 woman in different age” I’ve been to plenty of improv festivals from Bydgoszcz to Canberra. I always want more – when I share energy with the audience, I load my batteries. I can’t be tied down to one place and I always seek new challenges. I love spontaneous trips – I’ve hitchhiked among Europe! People say that I’m the fuel of every party and my beloved scooter – I prefer the regular one for stamping has always been my thing!


Long, long time ago, at least a dozen years, I admired a variety of people engaged in realization of events. At some point an interest became my occupation and the diversity of events hosted or being a DJ grew and grew. Thanks to that I’m familiar with weddings, corporate and club events. World of hosting parties and networking with many people is something that I resonate with and I’m fond of! I believe in a great party, always! In the free time I’m interested in DIY and mechanics.


I am full of energy and always open to people. Strong personality and positive attitude to life. I have connection with stage from teenager theatre in my hometown, to improve theater in Gdansk. Now you can find me on Three-cityies comedy stage as a stand-up comedian. Co-host of “Komedy baby” duet, who is run Polish and English comedy nights in Gdansk. Organisation, planing and challenges connected with it are my guilty pleasure!


A well-organized corporate employee by day, a party animal by night. Working with people is what drives me. During my studies, I was active in the student organization AIESEC, where I co-organized various events at universities in the Tri-City area. I live by the motto “work hard, party harder” – always the first to take action and the first on the dance floor. In my free time, I’m passionate about photography and I’m a huge gadget geek. Besides that, I’m a big fan of classic elegance – you’ll more often find me in a shirt and blazer than in a t-shirt and hoodie. I can also talk about English football for hours.


A chaos coordinator, both privately and professionally. I have been associated with the Tricity comedy and theatre scene for years. I’m a part of the Sherbet Lemon improv theatre group, and I have a soft spot for anything magical or fantasy-related. Being quite ubiquitous, I have backpack-traveled half of Thailand and the entire East side of Poland. What really defines me, is my curiosity about the world, other people and their languages – I can speak four languages for now, but who knows what the future holds!


Among family and friends, I am always the main organizer of excursions and animator of leisure time. My greatest passion is learning Spanish, and for years I have been continually studying the mysteries of the Spanish language and culture. As a result, I got caught up in the Spanish spontaneity and cheerful approach to life. I dedicate my free time to outdoor sports activities, I enjoy cycling and team games. My favorite part of every party are games and entertainment, and I always dance my feet off at every party!